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New products
Activated zeolites

Eliminates unpleasant odour from your refrigerator and freezer
This neutral product, which absorbs unpleasant odours in refrigerators and freezers, does not perfume the air, but prevents the development of odours that can be caused by foodstuffs such as fish, cheese, leafy vegetables etc.

Developed on the basis of Zeolite, Ascorbio does not influence the aroma or taste of food, but instead lengthens its usable life. It differs from other classical odour absorbing products by the non-use of any perfume agents.


Asorbio is packaged in plastic bags, which can be placed in refrigerators and freezers. It becomes active immediately upon contact with air, but efficacy is not immediately noticeable. Why ? A certain time (2-3 hours at the starting phase) is required for Asorbio to become active because it is not an air freshener, but actually absorbs undesirable odours. In refrigerators and freezers, no perfume will be apparent, but all unpleasant odours will disappear. The air will become recognisably fresher.

Asorbio is active in refrigerators and freezers up to 100 l, for approximately 2 months.


If you have any further questions about the suitability of Asorbio for your usage requirements, please kindly  contact us.

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