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Activated zeolites Asorbio®

Synthetic zeolites based on zeolite 4A (LTA), 13X (FAU) and ZSM-5 (MFI) contain intracrystalline water in their structure, which can be removed from the zeolite by thermal treatment. With the removal of water molecules from the interior of the zeolite pores, adsorption sites in the zeolite structure are released, which allows them to have excellent adsorption properties. Unlike the competitive adsorption materials, activated zeolite allows efficient removal of the water molecules and other volatile compounds in very low concentration (moisture scavenger). For the production group activated zeolite the company Silkem has her own registered brand Asorbio®.


Asorbio® ZAP - zeolite activated powder

Products Asorbio ZAP are crystalline aluminosilicates with high adsorption capacity, their crystals in millimeter size have narrow particle size distribution, what enables them effective dispersion in medium.
The fields of application for powdered activated zeolites Asorbio® ZAP are:
- Production of polyurethane products
- Production of plastic mass
- Storage of metal-based pigments
- Cosmetic industry
- Production of polymeric adsorbents
- Production of flame retardants
- Odors removal from plastics

Some standard products Asorbio® ZAP: 

Activated zeolite powder


Safety data sheet


Chemical industry, plastic production



Chemical industry, plastic production


Chemical industry, plastic production


Chemical industry, plastic production


Production of polyurethane

Custom made zeolites upon request.


 Asorbio® ZAG - zeolite activated granules

Asorbio ZAG products are granulated molecular sieves with high adsorption capacity. They contain 20% of binder and 80% of zeolite. Binder addition improves hardness, compactness and abrasion resistance. Advantages of granulated material in comparison with powdered one are better flowability, wettability, reduced dusting, they allow airflow through the adsorption columns and are easily regenerated.

Fields of application of granular activated zeolites Asorbio® ZAG:
- Desiccants
- Gas purification
- Wastewater treatment
- Chemical industry
- Carrier of active components

Some standard products Asorbio® ZAG:

Activated zeolite granules


Safety data sheet


Dry agent for ethanol, refrigerant, natural gas and unsaturated hydrocarbon (acetylene, propylene, ethylene, …)



Dry agent, adsorbent for separation of paraffin’s, for removal of NH4+, Zn2+, Cu2+, Pb2+, Cd2+


Dehydration, desulfurization, Oil and gas cleaning, for separation of n-hydrocarbons from branched and polycyclic hydrocarbons


For drying, desulfurization, for oil and gas cleaning, air de-carbonization


Adsorption and elimination of organic vapour and gases, in acid-catalyzed reactions,…

Custom made zeolites upon request.  

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